Congressman Steve Cohen – Obama Over-Reach

Steven A. Cohen (born June 11, 1956) is an American hedge fund manager. He is the founder of SAC Capital Advisors, a Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund f…

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M9 Grip w no logo

Does the actual military M9 grip come without the factory logo? I was recently given a set by a friend in the military and they are just like the plastic factory grips, just no logo. Just curious if this is normal, or a "sanitized’ version order… AR15.Com – Handguns

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What is The 2nd Amendment?

Aaron Dykes breaksdown the meaning of the 2nd amendment. [Check it Out Today]…

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CNN, RUSSIA TODAY duke it out over downed airliner…

CNN, RUSSIA TODAY duke it out over downed airliner… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Drudge Report Feed

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Congressman Jeff Duncan on President Obama’s Unconstitutional Overreach 3/12/14

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Nine Individuals in Israel’s Neighboring Countries Reveal What They Think About the Jewish State – Number One Will Most Certainly Shock You

As Israel’s Operation Protective Edge moves into its third week, individuals in neighboring countries are speaking out about how they feel. Using popular smartphone application Whisper, individuals have turned to the social network to offer their thoughts about the ongoing conflict. The application guarantees its users absolute privacy and, as a result, many of the…

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Bill O’Reilly and Rep. Jason Chaffetz in Epic Gun Rights Blowout

Bill “O’Reilly and Rep. Jason Chaffetz battled tonight over gun rights legislation following the theater massacre in Colorado. Bill wants more rules and legi… Video Rating: 3 / 5 If you have a chance to bring your passion of guns into someone else’s life don’t hesitate especially a child they are our future and with…

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shortening ejection port cover hinge rod

I’m about to put the barrel on my first build. When I put the barrel nut on finger tight, there is only enough space between the hinge rod of the ejection port cover and the barrel nut to fit about two pieces of paper. I’m concerned that when I st… AR15.Com – AR-15

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Betrayal: New book claims Bill Clinton advised John McCain during the 2008 presidential election

Many have written about the bitter division between the Clintons and Obamas stemming back to their battle for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, including most notably of late Ed Klein in his “Blood Feud.” But could this hatred have run so deep that President Clinton himself would have actually worked to sabotage then-Senator Obama’s 2008…

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