Shock Video Shows LAPD Officer Being Stalked — The Footage Captured When the Camera Tilts Down Has Law Enforcement on Edge

Police in Los Angeles are currently investigating a shocking new video that appears to show an officer being stalked by an individual with gun. In the video, an LAPD officer is seen exiting his patrol car. The camera then tilts down to show a gun in the hand of the person filming from inside a…

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‘How Can They Have Prevented This?’: Manifesto Reveals Oregon Shooter’s Chilling Answer

Excerpts of the manifesto authored by the gunman who killed nine people at an Oregon community college last week emerged Monday. Witnesses said the 26-year-old shooter spared the life of a student and handed the person an envelope containing a flash drive that is now in the possession of police. Scott Olson/Getty Images People Magazine…

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Steve Allies Take Aim at Hollywood Over ‘JOBS’…

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We Asked New Yorkers to Describe Hillary Clinton With Just One Word. Here Are Their Answers

We asked individuals in New York City to describe hometown presidential candidate Hillary Clinton using one word. Our informal poll came just about a week after a formal Siena College survey showed Clinton with a negative favorability rating for the first time in New York State, where she has headquartered her presidential campaign and once…

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Separate BCG for Each Upper

I have been getting AR "variety" by buying complete uppers in various formats for my Stag lower. Do I need to have a bolt group for each upper so that it breaks in to that particular upper, or can I have one and move it among uppers without probl… AR15.Com –

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Dbal a3 zeroing and illuminator

The manual states that when mounted on the top rail you have a POI at 2.1L of visual and ir. But then a few yes later it shows a picture at 25m top rail and it shows them 2.1 to the right but also up 1.9 visibal and 2.4 up ir. I’m confused. I wa……

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Found a unicorn

I have had my eye on a Schmidt & Bender 1.1-4 short dot for a long while. I’m having a hard time justifying the cost with all the more modern options out there with a wider mag range. I finally decided to price check a S&B 1-8 … AR15.Com –

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This is ’1984 scary’

National Journal’s Ron Fournier saw this story and reacted with this: This is scary. 1984 scary. We've got an agency called "Secret Service" targeting political enemies Think about that — Ron Fournier (@ron_fournier) October 1, 2015 Naturally, journalist Glenn Greenwald wasn’t surprised and he issued a reminder (read: warning) that this incident was not…

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GOOGLE: With robots in our brains — we’ll be godlike…

GOOGLE: With robots in our brains — we’ll be godlike… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Drudge Report Feed

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