MandP 9c Finger Rest Base Plates

Anyone know where they are in stock? I found some on ebay but $ 10 ea. seems a bit high. AR15.Com – Handguns

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Hollywood Megastar Makes a Huge Apology…for Something He Hasn’t Done Yet

Chris Pratt is sorry. For what? He’s not sure yet. Chris Pratt in “Jurassic World.” (Image via YouTube) The “Parks and Recreation” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star issued a lengthy, rambling apology on Facebook Friday, but he wasn’t apologizing for anything he’d done — he was preemptively apologizing for what he might do while…

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Krauthammer Sounds off on Hillary Email Dump, Explains Why He Thinks ‘Whole Release Is a Farce’

Conservative political pundit Charles Krauthammer reacted to the release of the first batch of Hillary Clinton emails, calling the “whole release” a “farce.” “This is an echo of what her own press secretary said, who said there isn’t a shred of evidence. And as I’ve said there is no shred of evidence because she shredded the…

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Recalled upgraded parts to look for in your Glocks

So I found some of these parts in my Gen 1 Glock 17 slide and my LE trade in G23. The black parts in my G17 gen 1 were part of the 6 part recall. A Glock Armorer can get the new parts and replace for free. <a href="http://s268… AR15.Com – Handguns

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LF Arms shield mag release

Just wanted to share some pics of what came in the mail today excuse the scratches, I dropped it and messed it up while installing it. Dis: Not affiliated… AR15.Com – Handguns

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7 books that will leave you utterly demoralized but undoubtedly smarter about the lawlessness of the U.S. legal system

As we noted on his reading suggestions on the Constitution, libertarian political scientist Charles Murray generously sprinkles a number of recommended books throughout his new ”By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission” (more on the book in our interview below): One such subject that is the focus of “By the People” is the extent to which…

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2 3 4 410 Slug Penetration

Is there any good 2 3/4 .410 slugs that are good with penetration ? I googled this and found inconsistencies with the search. Anything good against deer? AR15.Com – Armory

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Almost Every Plane in the U.S. Navy’s Air Systems Command in One Graphic

If you wanted to get a sense of how many planes and helicopters the Navy’s Air Systems Command had in one place, look no further. The blog Contemporary Issues and Geography has organized nearly all the aircraft in this division by squadron. Image source: CIGeography Below is a closer look, but check out the full…

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Of NFA trust FFL and Class 3

So, I have decided that one day I think I would like to own a full auto weapon. Something decent not insane price, but nice. My time table is in years so Should I do a trust or pursue a class 3 FFL or something else? IDK I’m just now starting t… AR15.Com – Armory

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Leather open top pancake OWB holster option for P345

I’m looking for an open top leather pancake 2 or 3 slot OWB holster to conceal a P345. The tighter to the body and higher on the belt, the better. I tried a leather IWB holster made for a P226 since it was suggested that it would fit … AR15.Com – Handguns

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