Middle Eastern Journalists Push Muslims to Acknowledge That Terrorism Is Connected to Islam

Following last week’s Islamic State-inspired terrorist attacks against Europeans in Tunisia and France, British Prime Minister David Cameron said the atrocities were inspired by “a twisted and perverted ideology.” At the same time, he called Islam a religion of “peace.” That seemingly forgiving attitude toward Islam as a whole, even while lambasting radical Islam, is…

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What?!? You don’t have a rainbow avatar?!?

You’re not making the mandatory social media statement? Who do you think you are? You will be made to show you care. The wisdom of Seinfeld is timeless. – Follow Chris Field (@ChrisMField) on Twitter Read more stories from TheBlaze Activists Plan to Burn American Flags in New York City Ahead of Fourth of July…

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Modest proposal for an Open Source Striker Fired Pistol

Striker fired pistol designs have matured and the market now reacts with a yawn with any new product introduction with a "<span style="font-weight: b… AR15.Com –

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Sig 556 Questions

I’m considering a Sig 556 and I’m a bit confused by some of the reading I’ve done… I’ve seen conflicting reports regarding the barrel steel…Sigs website lists it as 4140 while I’ve read several reviews that say the barrels are col… AR15.Com –

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ATHENS BEFORE MIDNIGHT… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories: Two-year rescue deal proposed…GREEK TRAGEDY: ‘Soon even most basic goods won’t be available’…SHOCK…Festival-like atmosphere at anti-bailout protest…Greeks struggle with daily grind as foreigners head to beach…Future hangs on 72 words…Europe’s dream dying…Failed euro would define Merkel legacy…Lagarde on hook…Yellen may have her excuse… Drudge Report…

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GREECE SET TO SUE OVER THREAT OF EURO EXIT… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories: ‘Soon even most basic goods won’t be available’…Threat to drug supplies…SHOCK…Fear of social unrest…Future hangs on 72 words…Europe’s dream dying…Failed euro would define Angela Merkel legacy…Lagarde on the hook…World ‘defenseless’ against next financial crisis…DOW plunges 350…BEAR MARKET GRIPS CHINESE…

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Convincing the Wife to Carry a 45 ACP over 9mm

Hi folks, Now before you jump in and tell me just to give up and get her a 9mm, hear me out as to why I’m so set on her shooting a .45. My main reasons are: 1. I already carry a 45 (Glock 21 Gen 4), handload for it so we h… AR15.Com –

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The new pro-Hillary music video parodying a song about a sexy mom that ‘can’t be unseen’

Back in 2003, one-hit-wonders Fountains of Wayne had a hit song with “Stacy’s Mom.” The song and video told the story of a young boy lusting after his friend’s sexy mom. Fast forward to 2015 and “Stacy’s Mom” is now “Chelsea’s Mom” — a just-released music video in support of Hillary Clinton’s run for the…

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Dillon XL650 or Hornady LnL AP Anyone switched or used both

I bought the Hornady LnL to load .223. Soon I plan to load .45ACP. Then .308, .30-06 and 9mm. Someday I will load 7.62x54R and 7.62×39 when surplus ammo dries up. I read some online comparisons and a non-biased article. I ended up ch… AR15.Com –

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American Society ‘Changing Rapidly’…

American Society ‘Changing Rapidly’… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories: National consensus evolving…MAG: Christians now ‘exiles’…Obama sheds cool style for ‘fearless’ final lap…JOHN WATERS: ‘GAY IS NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE’…VIDEO… Drudge Report Feed

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