U.S. Senator Frank Church Warns of Government Surveillance on “MEET THE PRESS” 1975

On a more recent “MEET THE PRESS” show they go back to an archived program from 1975 where, then, Idaho Democratic U.S. Senator Frank Church discusses and fo…

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RR M1911A1 safety over travel

I have a 1945 Rem Rand with a Colt slide that has a bit of safety over travel when disengaging the safety. It travels a bit past the detent which holds it in the fire position. As long as you are gripping the pistol and the grip safety is depresse… AR15.Com – Handguns

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Larry Pratt: Gun Grabbers Losing Battle

With the current attack on personal gun ownership and the Second Amendment, the radical Left has twisted the phrase “assault weapon” to try and take guns awa… | Both individual and national disarmament schemes are part of a decades-old … Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Illegal alien and Naturalized Citizen from Mexico Plead Guilty to Meth Trafficking in US

HOUSTON, Texas–An illegal alien and naturalized citizen from Mexico both plead guilty to distributing methamphetamine in the U.S.  Thirty-year-old Jorge Alejandro Galvan-Ibarra is an illegal alien who was living in the Dallas area, according to the FBI. He and 27-year-old Francisco Calderon, a naturalized citizen, both admitted to distributing more than one kilogram of meth.  The duo were…

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Mississippi Resists Gun Grabbers

Governor Phil Bryant reads, follows, and upholds the Constitution to which all lawmakers are under. He is determined to not disarm Mississippians to appease … SB1551: Cuban teaches a little history to Gun Grabbers Speaker Manuel Martinez. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Audio of Chris Kyle Discussing Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura is a douche. That, you probably already know. Yesterday a mindless jury ordered Chris Kyle’s widow to pay $ 1.8 million to Ventura for “defamation” over a story the late Chris Kyle told on the radio. Listen to the audio as Chris told the story and decide if you believe it to be…

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dumb criminals

These people are dumb.

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Rumor Check: Is There a $500 Reward for Reporting Neighbors’ ‘Prepper’ Purchases?

You may have seen the story pop up over the weekend: “New York DHS will pay you $ 500 to rat out ‘prepper’ neighbors buying legal goods.” Image source: Truth and Action website It would be a scary example of Big Brother in action — if it were true. But the problems with the story…

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COPS – Dumb Criminals (Altis Life RPG) (Arma 3)

Can we get 750 likes for more Cops? Shares and Favorites are much appreciated, thank you! Cops – Dumb Criminals is gameplay comedy of the Arma 3 Altis Life R… A trailer about the trailer for Dumb Criminals 4, whacked out, don’t worry, I though so too.

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SENATE DEMS TRY TO REVIVE AMNESTY… (Top headline, 1st story, link) Related stories: Gingrich: Obama Might Grant To Provoke Impeachment…BOEHNER: NO IMMIGRATION REFORM ON BORDER BILL…Dem: Legalizing Will ‘Reduce Deficit’…Make $ 7,000 Per Month for ‘Fostering’ Adult Illegals…Residents Revolt: ‘What we see is invasion, deliberate invasion’…Indiana Gov Learns of Dumping — Through Media…DE district plans…

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