hudak recall door hanger saga gets interesting….

Earlier this month, 9 News posted an interesting article about the door hangers found on several doors earlier this month, my door included. I found a something interesting in this article. What I found interesting, is a quote in the article when the “spokeswoman” was asked about the door hangers. Here’s the quote from the article:

9NEWS called the contact person for the committee. She said she wasn’t behind the hanger, but added, “If that’s what it takes to stop the recall, I’m supportive.”

First, let me say I was not behind the door hanger either. I am not, nor is this website associated with the “Democracy Defense Fund”, and obviously I do not support or approve of their message or their tactics. Now, that said, let’s pick this quote apart. First, no name? You talked to the contact for the group, yet 9 News couldn’t even tell us her name is Kathryn Wallace. I can’t be sure that’s who they talked to, but she IS the person on the Secretary of State’s website as the registered agent. So, since they didn’t identify who they talked to, I’ll assume it was Kathryn. Now, they talk to Kathryn, and she basically says, “Hey, I didn’t do it, but sounds like a good idea.” Of COURSE her organization was behind this door hanger. Why? Because if someone was saying something and representing it as her organization without her consent, I think she’d be really, REALLY mad. I know I would. That should be her brand, and protecting your brand is the number one priority when trying to build a new organization (she filed on Oct 9, 2013). So, either she’s completely incompetent, or she really is behind the door hanger, or (more accurately, someone in her organization is).

It’s time for Freedom loving, Constitutional supporting types to send a message to the left and add another Colorado Senator to the unemployed ranks. Let’s get together and RECALL HUDAK!

BTW, As I said before, I’m not affiliated with the Recall Hudak Too! campaign, or any opposition group, including Democracy Defense Fund. I’m just a concerned, fed up citizen, willing to use the web to make my disgust for what is going on in the Colorado Senate known.


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